Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random Pin Of The Day

Todays Pin is.....

Oh, yes. I am always carrying around a book with me, and whenever I get the chance, I whip it out and start reading it. It doesn't matter where I am. My little sister is always making fun of me for it. But hey, I am perfectly comfortable with my level of nerdiness ;)


  1. Hi Kaitlynne,

    I love that quote! :) And I've just followed you!

    J.H. Myn

  2. Ha ha that's so true I'm like that too. Until 6th grade I would literally take 3-6 books to school w/ me. That way I'd finish my work really fast and then just read. Now, however, I have more of a social life but I still take a book with me :) great post.

    Anyway I just followed your blog :)