Monday, May 23, 2011

Songs For Books (1)

You know how sometimes you hear a song and think, "Wow, this song reminds me of [insert name of book here]." Well the song and book in the spotlight today is:
Song: What's Your Name  by Jesse McCartney
Book: The Strange Angels Series by Lili St. Crow

Why? Well because Dru seems to have an aversion to telling people what her name is short for, so of course the first thing I  think is "What's your name, what's your name, oh, I really wanna know." 

Seriously though, I can't wait to find out what her name really is. It can't be that embarrassing.... can it?


  1. This is great...(I'm not sure if this is a regular post for you) but I do this ALL the time! And then after that until forever, every time I hear that song, I think of that book.

    Try Maroon 5's "How" for Lauren Kate's "Torment" it's a perfect fit! :)

  2. I do it all the time but now that you said it it really does reminds strange angels