Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review :Pretear Vol. 1-4 by Kaori Naruse

My Rating: 5 stars
Date Read: June 2005

Date Published: June 8, 2004 by ADV Manga
Paperback, 188 pages

Summary From Goodreads: Himeno is a high school freshman who s having trouble adjusting to the lifestyle into which she has been reluctantly thrown. Her father Kaoru, a once famous author of young girls novels, has been plucked from a rundown apartment and pulled into the grasp of Natsue, a woman not only in control of a vast amount of wealth, but also in control of Himeno. Himeno s dad takes the side of Natsue rather than his own daughter, and Natsue s two daughters - from a previous marriage - aren t very fond of their new stepsister. One day, Himeno takes a shortcut to school and meets a young boy. When she takes the boy s hand, she s transported to a fantasy world that lies on the brink of extinction. To stop the destruction of the Leafe - the life force of all beings - from being completely drained by the Princess of Disaster, this world needs the help of the girl called "Pretear." Can Himeno harness the ability inside her and become the sought-after Pretear? Nothing is as it seems in this updated reproduction of the classic tale of Snow White.

My Review:
* I am reviewing all four books in the series

This was the very first GN that I ever read, and it absolutely got me hooked on the genre. It had everything that I look for in a book; Romance, Mystery, Magic, and the fact that it was a fairytale re-told made it even better. I loved all the characters from the ever so sweet Sasame, all the way to the Evil Step Mother. It was based loosely on the tale of Snow White, but I liked the changes that were made to it. Instead of seven dwarf's, you have seven Leafe Knights, which is made up of Sasame, Hayate, Kei, Go, Mannen--the swoon-worthy, and Shin and Hajime--the adorable. The story sucked me in and had me enchanted. I only wish there had been more books

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