Friday, August 14, 2015

Swoon-Worthy {Fictional} Guys From A-Z {G}

My Swoony Pick for the letter "G" is...

From Breaking Dawn
By Stephenie Meyer

Do you remember Garrett? He's one of the nomads that came to stand with the Cullen's in Breaking Dawn. He's really just a supporting character, but he made an impression on me.

He's very brave {duh} he stood with the Cullen's against the Volturi, which takes a lot of courage.

He's quiet, and he likes to observe people, but when he does talk, he's pretty spot on with the things he says, and he's actually pretty funny too.

I liked how he held on to Kate when she tried to go after the Volturi when they killed Irina. Even though her special ability is to send a powerful {and painful} electric jolt through touch. But he didn't let her go until she calmed down, which I think is pretty amazing

Some of my favorite Garrett quotes are:

"This won't be the first time I've fought to keep myself from a king's rule. Here's to freedom from oppression."

"The redcoats are coming, the redcoats are coming."

"I have witnessed the bonds within this family--I say family and not coven. These strange golden-eyed ones deny their very natures. But in return they have found something worth even more, perhaps, than mere gratification of desire?"

"I came to witness. I stay to fight."

"If we live through this, I'll follow you anywhere, woman."

"You are an amazing woman."

Do any of your favorite Swoon-Worthy boys have names that start with "G"? {First, last, or a nickname, it doesn't matter} If so, tell me in the comments below!!

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