Saturday, September 12, 2015

Swoon-Worthy {Fictional} Guys From A-Z {K}

My Swoony Pick for the letter "K" is...

Killian Jones {Captain Hook}
From Once Upon A Time

The ever so devilishly charming Captain Killian Jones is portrayed by the oh so very hunky Colin O'Donoghue

This is another one of those instances where I'm just like:

Because I mean, seriously, they're both pretty awesome. I mean seriously... I can't even with him *SWOON*


Well, first of all, he is ridiculously good looking.

 He started out as the bad guy who was always playing both sides, depending on which one was going to be more beneficial to him.

I loved him despite this fact {like, from the moment he was first introduced} because I knew that he was going to end up a hero.

He's so freaking sassy, it's hilarious. Some of the things he says...

It's adorable/hilarious to see him learning about all the new technology and stuff when he got to Storybrooke

He rocks that guyliner. And the leather.

He's got that sexy "Pirate Swagger" {not my words, but they're true nonetheless.}

Okay, okay, and when Pan was all":

 Hook told Emma because he loves her and he is super awesome, I was all: "Awww, Boo Yah! In yo' face Pan!!"

Some Of My Favorite Hook Quotes Are:
"A man unwilling to fight for what he wants, deserves what he gets."
Emma: "You're a crazy person. Or a liar. Or both."
Hook: "I prefer dashing, rapscallion, scoundrel." 
"My secret is that I never thought I'd be capable of letting go of my first, my Milah. To believe I could find someone else that is... Until you."
"There is always a crisis. Perhaps you should consider living your life during them, otherwise you might miss it."
"I don't bloody know. I hit the Emma button and she answers. Usually." {Hook trying to explain how his cell phone works to Elsa}

"I have all the time in the world unless another monster appears and kills me."

"I'd go to the end of the world for her... or time."

Hook: "What are you doing?"
Emma: "Getting ready for a fight."
Hook: "Well, I've never known you to need to get ready for a fight. I thought it was always a natural state."

"Don't you know, Emma? It's you."

It's my job, well I hope it's my job, to protect your heart."

Hook: "Swan?"
Emma: Hook!"
Hook: "What the Hell are you doing? You're depriving me of a dashing rescue!"
Emma: "Sorry, the only one who saves me is me."

Hook: "Need a hand, Love?"
Emma: "Is that a joke?"
Hook: "No, I'm being quite serious."

"Actually, I quite fancy you from time to time, when you're not yelling at me."

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